We are digital

making cool things happen

Web 3 & all that comes with it.

NFTs, transmedia and web3 storytelling, code foundations for crypto-gaming and other immersive web3 experiences – these are the areas we have been exploring and will continue to explore in the future with our own ideas and with the challenges new partners have brought us.

The concept and possibilities that the on-chain world brings are endless. There are yet no rules, meaning the freedom to create, try and experiment is total. We’re taking advantage of it. You can too.

Experimenting & seeing if thingsExperimenting & seeing if things

We are storytellers, transforming stories into things people will enjoy, use, interact with and share. We build on ideas, taking them to places they never thought they could go.

We work to be the first team you think about when wanting to make an idea happen. We want your story, your idea, your trust. Together, we can make beautiful things.

#8 Shalva Radiani Str.
0179 Tbilisi, Georgia