We take the road less travelled.
At 2.0, exploration and experimentation are our core values. We’ll try (almost) anything once. We’ll go there, do that, get the t-shirt and come back to tell you all about our adventures so you can come along on the next one or even set the roadmap for our journey together yourself. We’re early, as they say in the Web 3 and NFT world. What we do now will establish the foundations for where this world will take us tomorrow.
Trust is what we build. Our commitment and passion for what we create are our tools for building, cementing, and expanding on that trust.
We are unafraid to try, to see if an idea works. If it does, we build. If it doesn’t, we improve on it and try again.
The norm does not apply to our work or to our team. Never did, never will.
To our principles, goals, aspirations, growth and wants. To your principles, goals, aspirations, growth and wants.
We create our future together, with each other and for each other and our new partners pull and push us into new and undiscovered territories to create something unique.
#8 Shalva Radiani Str.
0179 Tbilisi, Georgia